Protocol: Gemini is a utility-based-app using current GPS data while allowing a dynamic and unique user curated 3-Dimensional data.

With our unique rewards based contribution model, users of the app will not only be able to create something awesome, but getting paid to to so using our minted ERC-20 tokens called:


GEMz= Geo-Encrypted-Mappoints-(on the Z axis)



We are re-defining the term “Pay-to-Play” and instead paying YOU to play and help build the network/community.

By creating a usable platform for people to get info that is USEFUL and EFFECTIVE as well as voted on by a true democratic model (our users tell us what’s real or cool) we will be providing a unique system for interacting. That’s not where the utility of the app is going to end though.

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So.. How Does This Work, Exactly?

Step One
Mark a Point
of Interest (POI)
Step Two
Our community confirms that location is accurate or useful.
(Sorry! NO Trolls or Bots!)
Step Three
Profit… Seriously, You Get Paid For Contributions on our Network
And the best part? You can use it on ANYTHING you want!

Too Easy, right?

What's the Point?

Keep it Simple Stupid.

Good locations are either good or bad. The idea is to make a useful dataset and have the community moderate. No one will be able to BUY reviews. EVER.

We Sweat the Little Things

“You’ve arrived at your destination”
“Oh yeah? Well then, where the hell am I ?”
No more getting lost. You will be able to find bathrooms, specific businesses in strip malls, Individual suites inside large buildings, handicap ramps, and all the small stuff in between!

It's Your Data.

Stop giving your data to companies that sell it and give you nothing for it. It's your data, why shouldn't you get paid for it?

We will be uploading testimonials soon!

Augmented Reality?... Check

Traditional GPS takes place on either the X or the Y axis but we would be adding the Z axis.
Upon that framework, our users will be able to create entirely new worlds that live alongside our own. Now, within that world we can anchor EXPERIENCES:
That experience can be a a game, a quest, a treasure hunt, a piece of art, a statue a note,
You can make a beautiful piece of music and anchor it into a park bench where you had a memorable experience. You can put your mark on the world and share it with whomever you want!

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In short


You will help build a useful network of "Small Data Points" that are upvoted and downvoted by the community. All the while you will be rewarded for your contributions with our very own GEMz.


As a WORLD MAP is created we can start implementing a first of its kind 3D subset of data points that will act as a bridge to our AR (augmented reality) WORLD 2.0


This is where it gets REAL fun-This network of 3D data points will have community access for any user to build their own QUESTS, STRUCTURES, BUILDINGS, and eventually NPCs. Kinda like a video game that you can see on top of the real world!


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